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Yes, I am still open

In December, I first heard of coronavirus in Wuhan. I felt sorry for what that community was going through and did not have any concerns that this would ever come close to home. A few weeks passed and their outbreak was rampant with other countries starting. I felt relieved that Boston stopped incoming flights.

About two weeks ago, we started hearing of more cases and concerns in the states. I still was not concerned. A week ago, I ran out of hand sanitizer, which I use religiously after I finish my sessions until I can get to wash my hands. I made six visits to various stores and was unable to buy it. I finally found a store with it in stock who put it aside with me after I gave them my credit card information over the phone. I thought that situation was crazy and continued-on business as usual.

On Monday, more and more talk about cases in Massachusetts occurred. I went to the pharmacy and picked up my rescue inhaler just in case. I noticed the dwindling supply of medication and started to feel a little uneasy. On Wednesday, it was announced that international flights were scheduled to stop, various sporting events and concerts were cancelled. Then Wednesday night, my husband was notified that he was to start working from home Thursday afternoon. Yesterday morning, I went food shopping the store was not yet crowded as it was early. It smelled of bleach. Numerous school districts in the area closed for days to weeks last night. I spent the night trying to comfort my nine-year-old who was up until almost 11:00 worried about the situations going on.

Everyday this situation is changing, and we are unable to predict how this will play out. As a mother, I understand the concerns families are having. I’m trying to keep everything as close to normal as possible. I do not know how this situation will impact my clients. At the current time, I am continuing to provide visits to families in their homes.

I am asking that if ANYONE in the house is sick that they cancel. I am fortunate to work with wonderful families who have been doing this all winter. I promise to be honest with my families and do the same as well. At the start of flu season, I decreased the materials that I brought into sessions. I am planning to further decrease what I take and bring only client folders and my iPad. I absolutely respect any family who is uncomfortable having me enter their house during this time. I fully support if any family wants to suspend services until things change. I have always offered therapy through telepractice and this continues to be an option for families.

I will continue to follow this plan of action going forward until the state offers additional guidance or requirements.

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