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What Clients and Their Families Are Saying

“Since we met, I have taken graduate level courses where I have been able to give presentations and participate in open forums/discussions. With the help of your strategies, I have learned how to control and at times alleviate the disfluency. Mostly of all, I am able to express my thoughts and be more open and social. Many of my closest friends still cannot tell that I have/had a disfluency. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You were able to save my career and improve my quality of life. I cannot even express in words what it means to me. You are awesome! Thank you so much.”



"Since our son started working with Angela we have seen a dramatic improvement in his speech sounds.  We are proud of how hard he has worked. He always enjoys his sessions with her each week.."


"Our son has gained confidence while working with Angela on his stutter. He is able to manage his speech and no longer avoids away talking to unfamiliar people or volunteering at school."


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